What We Teach- A Focus on Saxophone and Piano


At Sarah B Music Studio children can choose between learning the saxophone, piano, or both instruments. We make a concerted effort to pair a student with the proper instructor based on numerous factors. Nevertheless, here are the areas of specialty the studio currently offers.

Saxophone: At SBMS, our instructors will provide saxophone lessons to students in 5th grade and beyond. Generally, learning the saxophone can be difficult for younger students due to physical development. However, at the appropriate age, learning the saxophone and partaking in a saxophone lesson can benefit students in numerous ways. If a student wishes to partake in their school’s ensemble program, our educators can help adequately prepare them. While ensemble work certainly has its own benefits, individual work can help cultivate a more nuanced understanding of the instrument by refining individual technique and an understanding of solo literature. The instructors at SBMS can offer their undivided attention and provide an added level of individual focus that isn’t always feasible in a classroom setting. 

Piano: Contrary to the studio’s work with saxophone students, our instructors prefer teaching piano lessons for beginners. Whether teaching in person or virtually, our instructors excel when working with beginner students. We specialize in 6 to 12-year-old beginners, providing them with the necessary guidance to kickstart their own musical journey. Per the best interest of our students and instructors, we generally work with beginners until they achieve level 3 or 4 status. We will help our students get on the right trajectory and provide them with a solid foundation should they choose to expand their skillset further. Our beginners piano lessons help cultivate a solid foundation for students with no prior experience. 


Scheduling and Getting In Touch


If you’re interested in starting lessons for your child, the studio encourages all prospective students to begin by filling out a registration form. From there, students and parents will be contacted with more information. During these preliminary stages, our team likes to gain a bit more perspective on the prospective student (your child) and a sense of understanding regarding how you’d like to proceed. Depending on their specific needs, children can be seen in the saxophone and piano studio or virtually. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to speaking more with you about your child and their musical goals. 

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Holistic Development

We teach children as young as kindergarten, a pivotal time in a child’s developmental journey. However, the benefits of musical learning extend far beyond kindergarten and can assist children with social-emotional regulation, motor skills, and overall literacy and cognition. Furthermore, music has proven to help aid children in a variety of different developmental disciplines from improving their fine motor skills to assisting with basic mathematical problems like fractions. Additionally, musical learning has also proven to enhance auditory and language development, sharpen attentiveness, promote active listening skills, and refine hand-eye coordination. The aforementioned merely represents a small fraction of music’s benefits and there are countless other advantages to consider. Most importantly, music offers an opportunity for children to cultivate a myriad of different skills that will benefit them in various different disciplines.

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Coping & Emotional Regulation

Childhood and adolescence are both exciting and complicated. Having an outlet based in creativity can significantly help children with coping by offering them an outlet rooted in artistic ingenuity. Exploration through music will serve children for years to come and provide them with a coping method to fall back on as they age. Additionally, music helps children process the world around them. SBMS believes that complicated emotions can be translated into music, allowing children a safe avenue to manage their feelings and make sense of the world around them. Rather than quell or shy away from life’s difficulties, we encourage our students to pour their frustrations into their art and provide them a safe, non-judgmental space to do so. A simple

saxophone lesson can spark a lifelong outlet for students.

Connecting Children with the Gift of Music 

At Sarah B Music Studio we offer children far more than just the opportunity to learn piano and saxophone. We provide children and adolescents with a creative space to explore their artistic abilities without inhibition and grow in their own sense of creativity and confidence through music. As a group of talented musicians, we have witnessed time and again the immense impact of using the art form as an outlet for expression. For that reason, our instructors have always particularly enjoyed working with children who are in the beginning stages of their journey. Ultimately, the goal of SBMS is to provide children with the means to begin that journey, as they explore and curate their artistic capabilities.

Our Specialties and What to Expect


Music has the ability to transcend and enrich the lives of all it touches, particularly children. In our current day and age, children spend more time than ever in digital spaces and are perpetually plugged in. While the studio embraces modern technology, and even implements virtual learning, we still highly encourage in-person learning when available, safe, and comfortable. The benefits of face-to-face tactile learning help keep students engaged and present. Nevertheless, the studio is also committed to bringing the gift of music to those who may not necessarily be able to attend lessons in person. As a result, we’ve developed a virtual music lessons curriculum that prioritizes safety and convenience per the needs of the specific student. Moreover, virtual learning allows the studio to work with students who don’t live locally or may have transportation restrictions amongst other reasons. At SBMS, our priority is to meet our students where they are, be it physically or cognitively and virtual learning has greatly expanded our scope while still maintaining the quality and professionalism of an in-person lesson.  While we highly encourage adults who are interested in music to seek out lessons, the skillset of teachers at SBMS are best utilized for those in the K-12 range. We offer lessons and events that are geared towards that demographic and optimal for cultivating success in younger learners. 


Before outlining the scope of our services ranging from piano lessons for beginners to intermediate saxophone lessons, here are some of the benefits children can gain from integrating musical learning into their intellectual diets.​​


Developing a skill can significantly impact a child’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Therefore, the piano studio focuses on building confidence in students as they navigate the learning process and work towards individual milestones. Our team likes to reward children as much for their commitment to trying as we do their technical achievements, which helps develop confidence in a myriad of different ways. SBMS will teach children theory and technical skills in addition to cultivating confidence that stems from continued practice and dedication.

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Whether it be a saxophone lesson for an intermediate student, or a brand-new student looking to try their hand at the piano, the ultimate goal is to instill and celebrate music and all it can represent for a person. At the core of the studio’s work is an authentic passion and raw appreciation for what we do. Our instructors have centered their livelihood around providing students with a place to learn but also enjoy the work that they do. Together, we explore the limitless potential of music and its never-ending ability to grant joy.